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17 de November de 2021
Solar Collectors for Drying Herbs, Coffee, and Seeds with InSpire Panels

We recently won the "Who Dares" award in the competition held by the Government of Antioquia for creativity in implementing new technologies to solve issues in Colombian agriculture. With the assistance of InSpire, which manufactures metal panels for harnessing and utilizing solar energy, we integrated alternative systems and transformed a necessity into a simple and […]

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17 de November de 2021

ECOMILL-CENICAFÉ offers ecological technology for coffee washing during natural fermentation. With ECOMILL-CENICAFÉ technology, water consumption is REDUCED from 20 L/kg of dry parchment coffee (DPC) to values between 0.3 and 0.5 L/kg of DPC, and pollution generated in the process is reduced by more than 90%, by mixing pulp and mucilage. With ECOMILL®, over 98% […]

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17 de November de 2021
Drying and Hulling of Cherry Coffee

Drying for high-altitude specialty coffees with high honey content can now be processed from harvesting to milling with ZERO water consumption. This innovative system created by JM ESTRADA is revolutionary. In just two steps, you get a special coffee with great aroma and flavor, without polluting the water, air, or land of your farm. There […]

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