Drying and Hulling of Cherry Coffee

Drying for high-altitude specialty coffees with high honey content can now be processed from harvesting to milling with ZERO water consumption. This innovative system created by JM ESTRADA is revolutionary. In just two steps, you get a special coffee with great aroma and flavor, without polluting the water, air, or land of your farm.

There is no need for water at all to direct or wash the beans, nor large pipe systems or infrastructure. The freshly harvested cherry coffee is introduced directly into the feeder hopper of the dryer.

The freshly harvested cherry coffee is dehydrated, a process that removes the moisture from the beans while preserving greater flavor and all aromas. In this process, no ash, coal, or gas is burned, emissions are ZERO, no pollution. The dryer has a dehumidification system that injects hot air produced by high friction, evaporating the moisture and removing it once condensed without mechanical contamination to a container. This byproduct can be ideal for making energizing drinks and other beverages.

The drying system is carried out in 3 stages, meaning that at the end of the first drying stage, new cherry coffee can be reintroduced, thus making a continuous process. At the end of the third stage, we obtain a dry coffee bean with its husk and without honey.

We then pass the dried product to the whole cherry coffee huller. Here the process is quick and simple. The dry cherry coffee beans are introduced into the hopper of the huller, which feeds the hulling system in steps. The separation of the husk from the bean is carried out by the huller using a turbo feed of compressed air, obtaining a clean bean with great flavor and aroma, ready for packaging, sorting, and roasting.

The byproduct (the husk) comes out completely dry without honey, does not attract insects or pests, and can also be used for tea infusions or as fertilizer.

A unique system, 100% green technology from JM ESTRADA, where in just two steps, you go from the fruit to the hulled coffee, with zero water consumption, without burning ash, coal, or gas, and without obtaining residues or contaminants.


  • You don't use water.
  • You don't burn ash, coal, or gas.
  • You don't get waste or contaminants.
  • You save money and keep the land, air, and water of your farm 100% clean and pure.


  • No more money spent on purchasing cisco, coal, or gas.
  • Savings on labor costs.
  • Economies on equipment and civil works.
  • Reduction in processes and mechanical damage to coffee.
  • Obtain completely dry and ecological compost.
  • A clean process.
  • High-quality specialty coffee.
  • More aroma, more flavor, and better price.