ECOMILL-CENICAFÉ offers ecological technology for coffee washing during natural fermentation.

With ECOMILL-CENICAFÉ technology, water consumption is REDUCED from 20 L/kg of dry parchment coffee (DPC) to values between 0.3 and 0.5 L/kg of DPC, and pollution generated in the process is reduced by more than 90%, by mixing pulp and mucilage.

With ECOMILL®, over 98% of the mucilage present in pulped coffee is removed, resulting in coffee of high physical and sensory quality.

ECOMILL® utilizes much of the existing infrastructure in processing centers, such as dry receiving hoppers, pulpers, screens, screw conveyors for pulp transportation, and tanks.

A complete ECOMILL® module consists of the following elements:

  • Pulper, one or more depending on the equipment's capacity, operated without water.
  • Pulp conveyor, without water.
  • Conveyor for depulped coffee to fermentation tanks, without water.
  • Fermentation tank, one or more depending on the equipment's capacity, with a hopper.
  • Mechanical conveyor of coffee with mucilage at the "washing" point.
  • Mechanical upward flow washer and radial discharge of honeys.
  • Metal structure to support the module's components.
  • Coffee dosing at the "washing" point.
  • Dispensers that deliver the required flow of coffee at the "washing" point.
  • Each dispenser consists of a hopper, a screw conveyor, and a pressure relief column, which significantly reduces mechanical damage to the coffee.
  • All parts of the dispenser are constructed of stainless steel.
  • The screw conveyor housing can be opened for thorough cleaning.
Water flow regulation

Each module has devices to ensure water flow. The ECOMILL® 500 module has a single water inlet. In the ECOMILL® 1500 and 3000 units, two and three water inlets, respectively, regulate the required flow using quick-closing valves, one for each water inlet.

EquipmentCapacity Kg of washed Coffeeh Water Flow Litersmin Power HP
ECOMILL 500435 - 4951,6 - 1,81,6
ECOMILL 15001.507 - 1.5655,5 - 6,53,6
ECOMILL 30002600 - 281511,5 - 12,54,0
*Considering only the washer and the washer's dispenser
EquipmentWater Consumption LitersKg of dry Coffee Energy Consumption kWhkg of dry Coffee Mechanical Damage %
ECOMILL 5000,32 - 0,373,40,1 - 0,34
ECOMILL 15000,40 - 0,432,60,1 - 0,56
ECOMILL 30000,49 - 0,531,48 (6,6)*0,0 - 1,10
Equipment performance, evaluations conducted at CENICAFÉ

 Manufactured by JM ESTRADA S.A. under license from CENICAFÉ